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Residence in Europe: Advantages and methods of obtaining
July 17, 2016
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Spain is one of the most favorable countries in Europe to move in


According to the survey of Institute DYM, Spain is the fifth country in Europe from the list of the most favorable countries to move in.

Although most of the respondents is against immigration (39% for, 44% against), compared to other Europeans Spanish people are more open to visitors. There are not so many countries like that in the EU: according to the survey of residents of 69 countries, just Finland, Sweden, Ireland and Germany in favor of legal migration.

Depending on the level of income in a country, all participating, in the survey, countries were divided by sociologists into three groups.

Spain got to the second group, as a country with medium income: the average income is 10 to 35 thousand euros per year.

It is interesting that in this group most of the countries opposed to immigration. Only three countries in this group (China, Mexico, and Peru) supported legal immigration.

In the group of countries where average income per person is more than 35 thousand euros per year or where it is minimal – less than $ 10 thousand, more countries support immigration processes.

Negative reaction to immigration in EU a countries most often is observed among respondents over 65 years of age. People under 25 are most likely to support immigration. Overall, 57 % of respondents Institute DYM believe that immigration has a positive effect on the development of European countries.

Source: Catalunya.ru

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