«Gold Visa» Spain

Simple route to get the residence for high net-worth individuals and their families who are not able to reside permanently in Spain.

Benefits and Features

• The residence is issued for two years and may be renewed for another two years, while maintaining investment.
• Residence allows you to travel throughout the Schengen area.
• The holders of this type of residence are not required to stay in Spain for more than six months for a further extension of the residence.
• The family members of the investor receive a visa of the same category, and the right to stay in Spain under the same conditions.


The term of consideration of the filing of documents is 15 days.Modern hipster businessman drinking espresso coffee in the city cafe during lunch time and using mobile phone


To qualify for this type of residence, you must make one of the possible investments:

• Purchase of Government securities from Spain being 2 million Euros.
• Participation in the authorized capital of Spanish companies of 1 million Euros
• Contribution to Spanish bank or investment funds of 1 million Euros
• Acquisition of real estate whose value stands at 500,000 Euros or more.

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